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For all of Florida

At Adjuster Groups we are dedicated to serving the community, educating about insurance policies and working to you, not for insurers.

When you trust Adjuster Group to handle your claims you are trusting a network of partners committed to your claim with experts in every area.

All claims are handled in house from the dedicated estimators and specialist to help achieve the maximum possible results for your claim.

Adjuster Groups LLC

We are a company of Public Adjusters founded by José Enrique Rodríguez and his wife Maileny Valenzuela, two Public Adjusters who are truly making a difference in the industry of Public Adjusting. They pride themselves and the company in the high standard of customer service and dedication to the clients. With a background in engineering, construction, Insurance and adjusting the founders have created and incorporated their experience and knowledge to fight for the rights of their clients.

Dedicated to helping, protecting and fighting for the rights of their clients, obtaining the maximum amount for their claim.

Our Mission

To be there when you need us…

A mission we achieve by maintaining a laser focus on delivering quality at the source of everything we do & providing scalable, tailored solutions. Solutions that are equally focused on ensuring a positive customer experience aligning our actions with Adjuster Groups’s overall vision.

Our Vision

We will use our hearts, minds, & values to become the most sought-after partner.

This requires a fundamental understanding that behind every claim – is a person. A person relying on our skills, compassion, & expertise. This knowledge shapes every aspect of our operation & is at the core of our every action.

To that end, we pledge to approach the future of Adjuster Groups with the same level of commitment we have shown in the past & with a promise that harmonizes with our mission & vision.