We are here to assist home and business owners properly evaluate their damage and recover what they are owed from their insurance companies. We specialize in making sure your insurance company pays you for the replacement of your tile roof and our adjusters have helped thousands of Floridians get the new roofs they are owed. Your claim will be handled with the knowledge and professionalism it deserves at a fraction of the time and cost of litigation.


Fire damage claims range from small scale fires such as kitchen fires to entirely burned down structures or worse. It’s not a simple task to mitigate damages caused by fire due to carbon monoxide traveling through the air. Carbon monoxide is an odorless but toxic gas that pollutes the air and can damage the lungs. Because of the unpredictability of a fire damage site, it’s truly best to leave these tasks to the professionals. Apart from deadly fumes and thick smoke, fires may have died down from the initial flames but it is not uncommon for cinders and hidden fires to re-ignite and further damage your property or threaten your safety.


Water damage can be quite common, and will ruin wood fixtures, electronics, flooring, carpet, furniture, baseboards, finishings, and bedding. Losses due to water exposure are in fact so prevalent that the insurance industry has reported them to be the most frequent claim type they see. Here is a list of common water damage claims, per insurance company reports: Leaks due to roof and/or, shingle damage, Ceiling damage, Sewer Line Damage, Water heater bursts, Broken drain lines, Broken supply lines, Broken angle stops, A/C Unit leaking.


There is more sinkhole activity present in Florida than every other state in the U.S., and they can seriously damage or destroy your property. Thus, it’s critical that you include sinkhole insurance in your property’s insurance policy. What is a sinkhole? A sinkhole essentially is a cavity or depression in the ground caused by a collapse of one or more layers of strata, often the result of ground water dissolving the underlying limestone bedrock. Sinkhole-related damage includes: Structural damage, Damage to the foundation, The residence being deemed, uninhabitable and condemned, Damage to plumbing, electrical, wiring, and gas lines.


Mold simply requires moisture to grow. Florida’s humid climate is the perfect environment for mold not only to grow, but thrive. This can really be a problem for homeowners and property owners in general, especially during hurricane season. Dark and damp corners as well as surrounding areas are areas vulnerable to mold growth, as well as any water damaged or flood damaged areas. If your property has been damaged by water or flood damage avoid encouraging mold growth and mold damages by mitigating the damages.


Flood damage can devastate a property, and is generally one of the most costly damage types a property owner will face. A flood is loosely defined as “an excess of rising water on land that is normally dry.” The most common causes of flood that can damage a property include: Heavy rains, Thawing snow, Storm Surges, Flash flooding, Broken Levees, Overflowing Rivers. Although the causes are different, flood damage essentially results in water damage, which is covered on our water damage claim page. Flood damage can result in many thousands of dollars in losses for a property owner, so it’s important to take action immediately to begin the recovery process.

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